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ETÓ is the blend & vape line of MAD Srl, created for "serial vapors"! Lovers of cloudchasing, immerse yourself in these irresistible liquids!


TASTE: Original flavurs and taste: extra-taste tobacco, fruity made of exotic mixes and delicious creams; do not be afraid to dare!
COMPOSITION: Created with a base with a prevalence of glycerin and without nicotine, the etó are ideal for you, which uses pulmonary shot atomizers.
FORMAT: The bottles contain 50ml or 20ml of liquid, but they are designed to be able to add up to 10ml of booster, so you choose how to svapare!
EASY FILL: Finally, pouring the booster into the bottle has become simple and fast: squeez and unscrew the cap - childproof - it is not necessary to detach the dropper.

DEA is official ETÓ distributor.